Leslie Road, E11 4HF

type of property: Flat

number of bathroom: 1

The property is unfurnished

The property consists of a kitchen with 3 separate good-sized rooms, 1 bathroom, and a garden.

Location E11 4HF Just 5 minutes walking to Leyton station and Leyton Mills shopping Centre.

Deposit amount  :   £2,076.92

  • Cheap rent
  • Bills included
  • Wi-Fi
  • Regular maintenance
  • Free detergents
  • Furnished rooms
  • Fully fitted kitchen
  • Regular maintenance
  • Free detergents
  • Fully fitted kitchen
  • Furnished rooms



I stayed with EUROOMS for a few months and I think the agency does a good job. Especially: + good web page with all important info (including pictures of rooms, prices, terms&conditions) + discounted price for single occupancy of a double room + attempt to solve problems promptly + good communication + fairness

Alex, Germany

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My friends and I were looking for a place to rent for 3 months to work in London. And we found this! They gave us a really cute room, in a nice house with some funny and friendly roommates! Plus there was a black berry bush in our yard !!!! Also the rent was a really good price. We will miss this place when we leave. Thanks EUROOMS !!!